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I am Tina Nord, the author of and happy to introduce you to the latest project and latest addition of this blog: I teamed up with Viktoria Prantauer, Shannon Kehoe and Sarah Haq to create the podcast „Chirp“.

We are four women working in tech and AI who believe in inclusive technology. Everyday, despite our best efforts, we see the perspectives of women and minorities considered as an afterthought. We want to connect with these communities, share their stories, and break down the barriers they face. We are starting with telling our own stories and take it from there. 

Why Chirp and what does it mean?

The name “chirp” combines accomplishment by a female tech role model, the metaphor to make something invisible visible, the power of a sound made by small insects (try to sleep with a mosquito in the room) and the aspect of provocative speech (in South Africa). 

We think all of that reflects the current role of women in tech. It honors accomplished women in technology. At the same time it captures a paradox of women in technology, where we are often one of the loudest voices but still not being heard. 

The sound of chirping can become quite hard to ignore when it persists over time or when scaled from one to many. At the same time it can sound like a message to those who speak the same language, or sound beautiful to one while being annoying to others. The Chirp podcast aims to cause a similar effect.

Why in English?

Lernen Wie Maschinen is written in English on purpose. When I started this blog together with Kathleen Jaedtke, we figured that the majority of AI content was available only in English. Understanding a tricky topic in a foreign language adds unnecessary challenges. That’s why we decided to publish in German only.

For Chirp, we decided to choose a different approach. As the creator team is mainly English speaking, it seemed natural to choose that language. We also feel that we can get in touch with our audience easier when speaking an international language.

We hope you enjoy our first episodes!


Tina Nord ist Marketing-Expertin, Autorin und Sprecherin. Die Kommunikationswirtin beschäftigt sich seit mehr als zehn Jahren mit Content Marketing. Seit 2016 erforscht Tina den Einfluss maschinellen Lernens auf Content und engagiert sich für die Repräsentation und Beteiligung von Frauen an der Entwicklung von KI.

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