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Google I/O 2018:4 Visual innovations from the developer conference

May 8th, 2018
Google I/O 2018 new features in visual search
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On May 8th, 2018, Google broadcast live via YouTube the keynote of its annual developer conference from California. CEO Sundar Pichai and other leading employees of the tech company presented innovations that can influence our lives in the future. We have watched and present you four innovations around visual search.

Google lens and Google Photos are the most important visual tools of the company from Silicon Valley. The most interesting innovations combine machine vision with maps or the Intelligent assistant. Almost all new features will be available in Google Assistant, the pixel phone and on Android devices (e.g. LG, Sony) and rolled out within the next weeks and months.

1) language and visual search are growing together

Product manager Lilian Ricon announced that the Google Assistant will be more closely linked to a screen in the future. This allows users to watch YouTube videos via Voice Command Or make video calls without touching the screen.

Google Maps with new visuals in real time

Google Maps with new visuals in real time

2) Finding the right way with machine vision

More applause was reaped by the new version of maps, the Google Navigation tool. The innovations of Vice-President Aparna Chennapragada were presented, which put their focus on the visual search with the smartphone from the very beginning. Google combines finding via camera with navigation: Users can not only track the right path on a drawn map, but also see, for example, directional arrows in the environment in real time. In addition, important Orientation points displayed (Augmented reality). The visual input makes it even easier to find an unknown address.

3) lens makes it easy to find fashion 

The next evolutionary stage of the Visual Search Tool "Lens" was eagerly awaited. Currently, Lens uses machine vision to make objects or e.g. Sights and provide relevant information. three additional features will be rolled out next month.

  1. Recognition:The smartphone camera (with the help of NLP) recognize text on photographed documents and allows the user to copy and cut them.
  2. Style match:Lens recognizes fashion and searches for similar products online, which can then be purchased.
  3. Real: Lens will no longer need an additional tab (click) to detect image information. Instead, it will suffice to direct the camera to an object. Helpful input is then displayed in real time.
Colorize Google Photos

Colorize Google Photos

4) Google Photos makes black and white photographs colorful

Google Photos is also waiting for several new features. Sundar Pichai presented this in person and showed, for example, automatic image optimization. The CEO, however, generated enthusiasm with the ability to automatically color old black and white photos. A nice toy that will surely make many memories more vivid.

My conclusion: The keywords Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) And deep learning dominated the live broadcast of the keynote. If you are enthusiastic about these overarching topics, you should expect all the above mentioned updates and innovations with great pleasure. However, Google did not provide any groundbreaking developments. Instead, the focus was on the evolution of existing tools.

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