Kathleen and Tina
Kathleen and Tina

Lernen-wie-maschinen.ai is a blog about artificial intelligence that deals with and explains the different aspects of this topic. Our texts serve to pass on knowledge to all those who are also enthusiastic about these booming technologies but have no technological background. We try to understand a complex topic and make it understandable for others.

We are two marketing experts from Berlin who have been working intensively with artificial intelligence (AI) since 2016. The common enthusiasm for language and visual search is our motivation to understand machine learning and deep learning in detail.

In May 2018, we successfully completed two trainings: At the Sloan School of Management and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , we passed the course "AI: Implications for Business Strategies" with the grade "exceptional". Furthermore, we attended a six week training at the Code University of Applied Science about data science and the Python programming language.

We apply the knowledge we have gained in marketing, for example to make customer travel or finding your way on the web smoother. With success: Since November 2017 we have been presenting our findings at e-commerce conferences. They were also able to publish their first specialist articles online and offline.

Just recently, our Article about our personal story from the Forbes magazine. Kathleen Jaedtke and I were able to contribute our perspective on current changes and the changes that AI is bringing about.

As we continue to educate ourselves and this is an ongoing process, we cannot guarantee the completeness of the published information. We appreciate any comments or remarks if we have missed something. We will also, of course, point out the source of our knowledge.

Tina Nord & Kathleen Jaedtke